3 a.m. friends


*accidentally showers for 5 hours*

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Love Food? This blog is for you.


i hate getting close to people because then they realize i’m a piece of shit

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“faster,” i moaned. “why won’t this page load faster?”

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but ur so woah and im so oh

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“i don’t remember the last time i felt like i could breathe theres a fucking hole in my chest where my lungs and heart should be i have this constant feeling that I’m bursting into flames and then the wind storms in and scatters my ashes over and over how is it possible i can feel everything and nothing at once am i dead inside or in love with the world i don’t know what to do or who i am i don’t know anything anymore all i know is i don’t have much time left and I’m fading away why doesn’t anyone notice I’m going insane I’m not okay nothing is okay everything is going wrong and i can’t breathe i can’t breathe i can’t breathe”


ordering food is so stressful

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Well, well…